Policy Oversight Committee


Responsibility: University Secretary
Authorization: Board of Governors

Policy Oversight Committee

The Policy Oversight Committee is responsible for reviewing university policies and is a resource to colleges and units who are establishing or revising policies.  This comittee reviewed and meet/exceed industry standards and legislation.

For a new draft policy or when significant change is required to an existing policy, submit to the Policy Oversight Commitee the following:

  • Fill out the Notice of Intent Form, listing all departments/units that have reviewed the draft, including any comments received from them;

  • The draft policy should follow the approved Policy Template;

  • Send the form, draft policy and a cover letter/email briefly explaining the policy to the Secretary of the Policy Oversight Committee.

For minor changes or reformatting an existing policy:

To delete an existing policy:

  • Fill out the Notice of Intent form

  • Send the form, policy and a cover letter explaining why the policy should be deleted to the Secretary of the Policy Oversight Committee.

(electronic submission is preferred)

Policy Oversight Committee 2017-18 Meeting Schedule

Policy Oversight Committee Terms of Reference

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Contact Information

Contact Person: Sheena Rowan, Secretary to the Policy Oversight Committee
Email: sheena.rowan@usask.ca
Phone: 966-4635