Procurement Card

Operations and General Administration

Responsibility: Associate Vice-President, Financial Services
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Mar 30, 2001


To provide a more effective, efficient and convenient process for facilitating small dollar purchases and their settlement.


PCards may be used by employees of the University authorized to purchase goods and/or services for University activities according to guidelines set out in the PCard Manual.

Procedure summary

  • A Card Application Form must be completed by the individual wishing to receive a PCard.

  • The Financial Manager (person responsible for the account as designated by Financial Services) co-approves the PCard Application.

  • The Dean/Head of the Administrative Unit and the Department Head co-approve the PCard Application for individuals who report to them.

  • The PCard will not be released until the Cardholder attends a mandatory workshop on PCard usage and signs the Cardholder Agreement.

  • Copies of the Cardholder Agreement will be sent to the Cardholder, Dean/Head of Administrative Unit, Department Head and Financial Manager.  Payment Services will retain the original document.

  • The Financial Manager is responsible to ensure purchases comply with general University policies. It is therefore recommended that the Financial Manager review and authorize the monthly PCard statement.

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Contact Information

Contact Person: Director, Payment Services, Financial Services Division
Phone: 306-966-4599