Administration of Research Funds

Research and Scholarly Activities

Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Jun 27, 2002


To ensure that research funds are administered in accordance with the principles of the University and in a fiscally responsible manner.


All funds for support of research are held by the University and are not the property of individual researchers. Ownership of equipment purchased from research funds will be vested in the University, and not with the individual researcher.

Individuals who are eligible to be principal investigators, as per Administration of Research Grants and Contracts, can be granted the role of Financial Manager of research funds.

No expenditures may be made until the opening of a research fund has been authorized by Research Services. It is the responsibility of Research Services to ensure that the terms and conditions of research projects conform to University policies. Over-expenditures are not permitted on research funds.


1.  Approvals

  • All research funds must be authorized by Research Services. 
  • The establishment of a research fund must be approved by the Department Head and Dean. Approval of grant applications or contracts by the Department Head and Dean constitutes approval of the establishment of a research fund associated with the grant or contract.
  • Approval of the Department Head and Dean indicates their commitment to supporting the research project and the acceptance of responsibility for activities associated with the research project, including financial obligations.

2.  Expenditures

  • All expenditures must be authorized by the Financial Manager.  Authorization by other persons or agencies are not allowed unless previous arrangements have been made, in writing, between the Principal Investigator and Financial Services.
  • Financial Managers are responsible for ensuring that all charges authorized against research funds conform with allowable expenditures within approved budgets. Expenditures must conform to all terms and conditions of the grants or contracts, all regulations of the sponsoring agencies, and all relevant University policies and regulations.

3.  Closing of Funds

  • Upon completion of the research project, Research Services shall notify Financial Services that the research fund established for this purpose is to be closed.

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