Authorization and Approval

Responsibility: Vice-President, University Relations 
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Mar 28, 2003


A significant portion of philanthropic contributions raised through fundraising and other programming initiatives of the University is directed towards very specific initiatives and activities. As a result these funds are not available to directly support the effort undertaken to generate this type of funding. The benefits of institutional wide advancement functions accrue to all fundraising efforts, while the costs of such initiatives are supported largely from operating funds. Although it is reasonable for operating funds to support these efforts it is not unreasonable for beneficiary initiatives and activities to also support a portion of these costs.

To more closely associate fundraising benefits and costs, and to generate a pool of resources that will be available to the University for enhancement and fundraising initiatives, the University requires a Donation Assessment Policy. These funds will be used, along with other institutional resources, to support a broad spectrum of fundraising and enhancement initiatives such as institutional fundraising campaigns, University Relations operations, institutional matching program initiatives, student award initiatives and other academic or administrative initiatives that advance the effectiveness and profile of the University.


Philanthropic contributions to the University of Saskatchewan deemed assessable in accordance with the Donation Assessment Policy Guidelines will be subject to an assessment applied to the receiptable value of the contribution at a rate determined by the President's Executive Committee (PEC); and/or said philanthropic contributions will be held for a period of time, as determined by PEC, before being released to the designated purpose. This policy will be applied to donations as outlined in guidelines approved by PEC.

Procedure summary

The proceeds generated from an assessment or generated through amounts held will be transferred to and co-ordinated through the "University of Saskatchewan Enhancement Initiatives Fund" under the authority of PEC. PEC will be responsible for the establishment of guidelines for the administration of this policy. Detailed guidelines relating to donation assessment are available at:


If you have questions about this policy please contact:

Contact Person: Vice-President, University Relations
Phone: 306-966-5176