Authorization and Approval

Responsibility: Vice-President, University Relations 
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: May 11, 2001


To ensure that the University of Saskatchewan, as a registered charitable organization, accepts donations/gifts based on informed decisions, that such gifts are receipted in accordance with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regulations and guidelines, and that the donor's intent is adequately documented and appropriately approved.


All gifts must be compliant with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regulations and other applicable agency guidelines. Gifts may not be accepted if the donor places parameters on the gift which do not meet University policy or fit with University priorities. Ownership of all gifts directed to the University vest in the University. The final decision to accept or decline a gift rests with the Board of Governors. The  Advancement and Community Engagement office is responsible for coordinating fundraising, gift acceptance, and gift processing. All gifts to the University of Saskatchewan (cash, gift-in-kind, estate, stock, planned gift) must be processed through the University Relations office. Financial Services, the primary unit responsible for account management, is consulted in the gift acceptance process.

Charitable gifts to the University of Saskatchewan that are deemed acceptable will be acknowledged with a charitable receipt as directed by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regulations, and will be used by the University in accordance with the direction, if any, of the donor.

Procedure summary

The  University Relations office will ensure that gifts are given appropriate consideration by the respective Vice-President, Dean, Department Head, Director of the recipient museum, or Director of the program that will benefit from the gift and will consult with Financial Services regarding trust agreements, endowed gifts, non-cash gifts and financial arrangements. Detailed guidelines relating to gift acceptance are available at:

In the cases where a Will appoints the University of Saskatchewan as the administrator, executor, or trustee of the estate, the Director, Finance and Trusts is the designated representative.


If you have questions about this policy please contact:

Contact Person: Vice-President, University Relations
Phone: 306-966-5176