Authorization and Approval

Responsibility: Vice-President, University Relations 
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: May 11, 2001


To ensure the coordination and management of donors and prospective donors.


It is the responsibility of the  University Relations office to coordinate the assignment and management of donors and prospective donors for the University of Saskatchewan. This is undertaken through a process called Strategic Prospect and Donor Management (SPDM) that supports University Relations - Development in its efforts to manage prospects and donors strategically within a database.

Any individual or group associated with fundraising activities on behalf of the University of Saskatchewan including the President, vice-presidents, deans, directors, faculty, staff, students, alumni, volunteers or other units that are part of or associated with the University of Saskatchewan are required to contact the Development Officer or Major Gift Officer in the recipient college prior to contacting donor prospects.

Fundraising at the University of Saskatchewan is donor-centered in all activities and strategies.  We are committed to good stewardship and accountability for the use of our donor's gifts.

Procedure summary

All alumni, individuals, corporations and foundations who are donor prospects for a gift of $5,000 or greater to the University of Saskatchewan will be assigned to campus units or the university at large and managed by the University Relations office in order:

  • To avoid multiple solicitations of a particular donor prospect.
  • To provide the best probability that the donor prospect will progress through the donor cycle and:
    • will be asked for a gift that is commensurate with or stretches the prospect's ability to give;
    • will be asked to support one of the University's priority needs that is in keeping with the prospect's highest known interest area;
    • will be properly solicited by the best team of volunteers, university personnel, and/or Advancement and Community Engagement personnel;
    • will continue to build a relationship with the University of Saskatchewan through appropriate stewardship.

Gifts include all giving vehicles that apply under the University Gift Acceptance Policy (5.06) such as cash, gift-in-kind, estate, stock, or planned gift.  Guidelines used to meet the goals listed above are available from the Executive Director, Development, University Relations.


If you have questions about this policy please contact:

Contact Person: Executive Director, Development, University Relations
Phone: 306-966-2221