Authorization and Approval

Responsibility: President 
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: May 1, 1998
Reformatted: Mar 30, 2001
Amended: Nov 7, 2017


To ensure adherence to regulatory requirements pertaining to the use of hazardous agents at the University of Saskatchewan.


The University of Saskatchewan will take specific and prompt action in order to enforce compliance with the terms and conditions of various licenses issued to the university, and also with the applicable Federal and Provincial statutes pertaining to the use, handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous agents.


  • On the first occurrence of non-compliance, Safety Resources will send a written notification to the Principal Investigator with copies to the dean and head of the department outlining the nature of the infraction. Immediate response to and correction of the violation is required within the time frame specified on the notification.

  • On a second occurrence of non-compliance within a twelve-month period or when there is no response to the first infraction within a reasonable time, Safety Resources will suspend privileges to obtain and use hazardous agents. The Principle Investigator may have this privilege restored upon written verification from the dean indicating rectification of the infraction. A copy will be forwarded to the appropriate department head and respective President's Advisory Committee.

  • On a third occurrence of non-compliance within a twelve-month period, the permit (if applicable) will be revoked and research activity suspended by Safety Resources and the respective President's Advisory Committee. The Principal Investigator may appeal by conducting a meeting with the representatives of Safety Resources and the executive members of the appropriate President's Advisory Committee. Written notification of the above actions will be sent to the dean and the department head.

Unacceptable risk

When, in the opinion of Safety Resources, there is unacceptable risk to employees, public, environment, or university property, Safety Resources shall take appropriate action, which may include the immediate suspension of research activity, prohibited entry to the laboratory and/or removal of hazardous material from the premises.


  • Hazardous agents - any agent regulated by Federal or Provincial statutes.

  • Principal Investigators - personnel authorized to work with radioactive materials or infectious agents by the President's Advisory Committee are also referred to as Permit Holders.

  • President's Advisory Committees - the committees established by the President to advise on matters related to Radiation Safety, Biosafety, Chemical Safety and Environmental Protection.

Further details can be obtained from Safety Resources.


If you have questions about this policy please contact:

Contact: Manager, Safety Resources
Phone: 306-966-4675