Authorization and Approval

Responsibility: Vice-President, Finance and Resources 
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Feb 1, 1970
Reformatted: Mar 30, 2001
Amended: Nov 1, 1971


To define the mail sorting and distribution facilities as well as sub-post office services available to all University Departments on campus.


The University of Saskatchewan will provide mail sort and distribution facilities and sub-post office services for all University Departments on campus. This does not include delivery service to non-University institutions, nor are any of the sorting or distribution facilities available to any non-University or commercial organizations.

Affiliated institutions and organizations may make arrangements for a postal box at the retail postal outlet in Upper Place Riel.

Procedure summary

Detailed procedures concerning pick up and delivery times for incoming mail, and pick up and delivery times for outgoing mail are available from the Post Office and Mail Room at 966-6591.

Prior to pick up, Departments shall sort their out-going mail into these categories:

  • On-Campus mail
  • Off-Campus mail with postage affixed
  • Off-Campus mail to be processed through the postage meter and sorted into in and out of town mail.


If you have questions about this policy please contact:

Phone: 306-966-6591