Renovation, Renewal and Replacement of Facilities

Operations and General Administration

Responsibility: Vice-President, Finance and Resources
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Oct 1, 1997
Reformatted: Mar 30, 2001


To ensure University assets meet applicable codes, standards, regulatory and legislative requirements; to protect the life, safety, health and comfort of the University community; to ensure the physical plant supports teaching, learning and research activities; and to ensure standards are maintained to provide sustainability, maintainability, reliability and minimum life-cycle costs.


All renovation, renewal and replacement projects that may effect the physical plant (mechanical, plumbing, electrical, architectural, structural, utilities) and/or the built environment must be submitted to, and executed by, Facilities Management. Facilities Management must also be consulted prior to the installation of research and teaching equipment that may impact the physical plant. Facilities Management will usually install the equipment.

Procedure summary

Facilities Management's project execution manual should be consulted for detailed procedures and all necessary forms and related information.

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Contact Information

Contact Person: Manager, Minor Projects and Design Office (Architectural Services)
Phone: 306-966-4590