Authorization and Approval

Responsibility: Vice-President, Finance and Resources 
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Aug 1, 1987
Reformatted: Mar 30, 2001


To ensure that the commercial use of the University's name, logos and symbols are appropriate and that they appear only on quality products that enhance and promote the University's image. The preservation of the good name of the University is emphasized, therefore limiting the legal liabilities from association of the University with questionable goods and practices and providing a revenue source in the long term.


The University's Trade Marks Licensing Program involves negotiation and administration of royalty bearing license agreements. These agreements include those that exchange goods or promotional activities for the use of the logos, symbols and marks. The consent of the Board of Governors is required in all cases; authority for granting approval is delegated by the Board of Governors' to the President or her/his designate. Responsibility for administering the program lies with the Bookstore. Anyone perceiving a violation of use of University marks should advise the Bookstore so that appropriate action may be taken. The Office of Vice-President (Finance & Resources) should also be advised of all proposed new logos so that trademark protection may be arranged.

Procedure Summary

  • A royalty fee will be charged for the commercial use of University marks.

  • Royalties collected through a licensing program will accrue to a special fund and be used to enrich the quality of education at the University of Saskatchewan. A Review Committee appointed by the President or her/his designate, comprised of student and administration members will advise on the distribution of monies collected in the fund.

  • The University will consider issuing licensing contracts to commercial enterprises to manufacture and/or sell goods bearing the University marks and for displays and/or promotions requiring the use of University signage or property.

  • Exemptions: All licensed manufacturers/distributors will assess the royalty and may pass it on to the user. There are a few cases where royalties will be exempted. They are:Licensing and Policies: All College Societies or other groups authorized to use University marks will inform the Bookstore of the names and addresses of the manufacturers/distributors that supply them with product in order that they may be licensed.

    • Classroom use items, such as note books, pens, pencils, etc.
    • Intercollegiate athletic uniforms and equipment which are not for re-sale.
    • Royalties charged on products sold by licensed manufacturers to non-profit campus groups that meet the criteria in the policy for non-commercial use of the University name and symbols will be rebated on request.

  • Those manufacturers/distributors using the marks who are not licensed will be legally enjoined from doing so, and may face financial penalty as well.


If you have questions about this policy please contact:

Contact Person: Director, Consumer Services
Phone: 306-966-6785