Authorization and Approval

Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: Dec 1, 1969
Reformatted: Mar 30, 2001
Amended: Sep 1, 1991 / Nov 1, 1995 / Jun 23, 2006


The fund will be used to help defray costs that may be incurred as a result of injury or loss suffered while participating in University activities.


The Student Accident Benefit Fund is available to all students registered and attending the University during the Regular Session, or Spring & Summer Session.  Final decisions regarding payment shall rest with a panel comprised of the:

  • Associate Vice-President (Student and Enrolment Services Division)
  • Manager, Student Health and Counselling Services
  • Manager, Risk Management and Insurance Services

The Fund may cover:

  • Medical costs which are not covered by Saskatchewan Health Services (e.g. ambulance services, crutches, casts, or prescription drugs).
  • Dental services arising due to accidental injury to teeth. The maximum claim for any one incident shall be $1,500.00
  • Replacement costs for glasses of the same type and quality as those damaged. There is no provision for the replacement of glasses that are lost or misplaced. Failure to wear protective devices during participation in sporting activities may jeopardize any claim under this section.
  • Other such payment as may be approved by the Panel.

The Fund does not provide coverage for any injury or losses arising from:

  • The use of alcohol or other mood-altering substances.
  • The use of an automobile or any other vehicle.
  • An accident that occurs off the campus unless the student is engaged in a University-approved activity at the time of the accident.

The Fund will not pay for expenses that are normally covered under any other applicable insurance or government plan.


A Student Accident Report Form must be completed as soon as possible following the accident. Names of instructors and other witnesses should be obtained, along with their statements. The completed form must be taken to the Student Health Centre, where the injured student will be interviewed. 

Student Accident Report Forms are available at these locations:           

Payment of Expenses:  Reimbursement to individuals will commence with the submission of receipts to the Manager, Student Health and Counselling Services.  Payments may be made directly to an ambulance company, a dentist, or others, upon submission of an invoice or statement to the Student Health Centre. The Student Health Centre will forward the documentation to Risk Management and Insurance Services for review, cheque preparation and issuance.


If you have questions about this policy please contact:

Contact Person: Associate Vice-President (Student and Enrolment Services)
Phone: 306-966-8710