Authorization and Approval

Responsibility: Director of Enrolment and Student Affairs 
Authorization: University Council, Senate
Approval Date: Oct 22, 2015


Minimum standards of English proficiency are required to ensure that students can understand and communicate clearly in order to be successful in their academic programs.


The language of instruction and examination at the University of Saskatchewan is English. In order for students to understand, communicate and be successful in programs at the university, an acceptable level of academic English is required (including written, spoken, reading and listening components).

Scope of this Policy

This policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate students in credit programs and sets: minimum English proficiency standards; authority for reviewing and setting minimum proficiency standards; and acceptable forms of proof of English proficiency.


  1. Applicant for admission to credit programs at the University may be required to present proof of proficiency in English.

  2. Proof of English proficiency may be demonstrated through:

    1. Years of study in an English-language curriculum secondary school or post-secondary institution, where the primary language of instruction and examination of the institution is English; or
    2. An accepted standardized test of English proficiency; or
    3. Successful completion of the English for Academic Purposes Program at the University of Saskatchewan or an intensive English as a second language program that is deemed equivalent to the University of Saskatchewan program; or
    4. Successful completion of the Graduate Pathways Certificate at the University of Saskatchewan for graduate students.

  3.  Applicants who do not meet minimum standards of English proficiency are not admissible to credit programs.


The Admissions and Transfer Credit Office determines minimum test scores and equivalents to the minimum standard, in consultation with the University Language Centre, the College of Graduate Studies and Research, college stakeholders, and Academic Programs Committee.

Minimum standards and changes to standards will be approved as appropriate through Faculty Council, Academic Programs Committee and University Council.

Colleges may approve higher than minimum standards through their Faculty Councils, Academic Programs Committee and University Council.

Admissions offices apply the approved standards when reviewing applications for admission.



If you have questions about this policy please contact:

Contact Person: Alison Pickrell, Director, Enrolement and Student Affairs
Phone: 306-966-6820