Authorization and Approval

Responsibility: Vice-President,Finance and Resources  
Authorization: Board of Governors
Approval Date: March 23, 2020

This policy replaces the Animal Control Policy approved May 7, 2004.


As part of the university's commitment to providing a safe, secure and healthy environment for all members of the campus community, this policy is designed to control disruptions, nuisances, potential health hazards, and reduce the risk of personal injury and/or anxiety created by animals at the University of Saskatchewan.

The university recognizes the role that service and support animals may perform in the provision of reasonable accommodation for students, staff and faculty with disabilities while on campus grounds.

This policy and its corresponding procedures provide a framework for the identification, evaluation, registration, monitoring, and accommodation of service and support animals while on university grounds and university buildings, excluding Residences and those animals deemed to be exempt.


The policy will identify the ways in which the University administers students, staff and faculty who require the use of animals on campus for the purposes of: accommodation, research, testing, teaching and other exempted categories. This is guided by the principles of supporting the health and well-being of the campus community.

For animals used for the purpose of accommodation, the university is committed to fostering diversity, inclusiveness and understanding of the important and evolving role that service and support animals have on the experience of students, staff and faculty with disabilities at the University of Saskatchewan.

To ensure compliance with applicable legislations and regulations, including the health and safety provisions of the Saskatchewan Employment Act, The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations and Civic Bylaws.

The university is committed to meeting the duty to accommodate through the establishment of registration and documentation for these exempt animals while maintaining the health and safety of the university community.


Definitions- Definitions and relevant terms for service and emotional support animals are included in Appendix A.

University grounds – the lands within the universities governance and control

Scope of this Policy

This policy applies to all members of the campus community who require the use of a service or support animal as outlined by the  Saskatchewan Human Rights Code and have had the need for accommodation verified by a licensed health practitioner. This includes individuals employed directly or indirectly at the university, students, volunteers, and visitors of any kind. The university is ultimately responsible and committed to enforce the requirements of this policy.

The following categories of animals are exempt from this policy but must remain under the care and control of the owner/guardian at all times:

  1. Research, testing and teaching animals and other animals owned by the university
  2. Animals in areas where academic pursuits or clinical services require their presence (e.g. Veterinary Medicine)
  3. Exhibit and demonstration animals
  4. Police service dogs
  5. Therapy animals as certified by St. John’s Ambulance

The following categories of animals are exempt from this policy when the proper registration and documentation processes are met for students, staff and faculty with disabilities (see procedures):

  1. Service animals
  2. Emotional support animals

Animals living with students, staff and faculty in Residences are governed by housing agreements.


Animals will not be permitted inside campus buildings, vehicles or facilities, including University residences (except as indicated in housing agreements).

All animals on the University grounds must be properly restrained (see related procedures) and under the care and control of their owner/guardian at all times. Owners/guardians must comply with all provincial and city laws pertaining to licensing and animal control.

Animals may perform a variety of roles while on university grounds in the areas of research, teaching, accommodation and other categories and exemption to this access may be made for animals being utilized in these areas.

Responsibilities in the Provision of Accommodations

All University staff, faculty, students and visitors are responsible to adhere to this policy when engaged in activities as part of the University, and to report observed violations of the policy by contacting Safety Resources. Individuals are accountable for their own decisions regarding animals on campus. All individuals engaged with the University are responsible for knowing, understanding, and complying with other applicable University policies, Provincial legislation and Civic legislation as it relates to animals on campus.

University Management and Supervisory employees are responsible for the training and education of their staff on this policy and other applicable policies that relate to animals on campus. Additionally, University Management and Supervisors are also responsible for being alert to violations of this policy within the workplace, and addressing such situations as appropriate.

It is the responsibility of the Vice Provost Teaching, Learning and Student Experience and the Associate Vice President, People and Resources to ensure that the associated procedures are monitored, reviewed and routinely updated. It is the responsibility of the Vice-Provost Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience to oversee the provision of appropriate accommodations for students under this policy and for the Associate Vice-President, People and Resources to oversee the provision of appropriate accommodations for employees under this policy.


Following procedural fairness, the university may take action against anyone whose activities are in violation of this policy.  The actions taken may include, but are not limited to: