Development, Approval and Administration of University Policies
Policy Oversight Committee
The University of Saskatchewan Mission, vision and values


Employment Equity
Employment Practices
Gender Neutral Language

Health, Safety and Environment

Animal Control
Compliance Enforcement Pertaining to Hazardous Agents
Contractor Hot Work
Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
Employee Assistance Program
Energy and Water Conservation
Fieldwork and Associated Travel Safety
Health and Safety
Radiation Safety
Sexual Assault Prevention Policy
Smudging and Pipe Ceremonies
Smoking, Alcohol, and Substance Policy
Violence Prevention Policy
Working Alone

Operations and General Administration

Accountable Professional Expense Funds (APEF)
Assets Management Policy
Authorization of General Operating Funding
Commercial Directorships Held by Faculty and Staff
Commercial Use of University Trademarks
Conflict of Interest
Data Management Policy
Deans’ and Senior Administrators’ Expense (DSAE)
Emergency Measures
Employment vs. Contracted Services
Financial Authority Policy
Financial Reserves Policy
Flying of the Flag at Half-Mast
Fraud Deterrence Policy
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
Information Technology Security
Information Technology Use
Investment Income Allocation
IT Communications Policy
Logo and Secondary Logo Use
Management of University Records
Managing and Controlling Monies
Non-Commercial Use of University Trademarks
Post Office and Mail Room
Property Used Off Campus
Reimbursement of Educational Costs
Renovation, Renewal and Replacement of Facilities
Revenue Recognition
Safe Disclosure Policy
Signing Authority
Student Residence and Meal Plan Rates Authorization Policy
Tuition and Fees Authorization
University Risk Management Policy
Use of Materials Protected by Copyright
Use of University Property and Services
Use of the University Seal
Vehicle Use Authorization and Related Taxable Benefits
Waiver of International Tuition Differential for Native American Students from the United States


Alumni Relations and Affinity Programming
Donor and Gift Anonymity
Donation Assessment
Fundraising Priority Setting
Gift Acceptance
Gift-In-Kind Identification and Appraisal
Naming of University Assets
Prospect Assignment and Management
University of Saskatchewan Crown Foundation Donations

Student Affairs and Activities

Student Accident Benefit
Student Advertising and Publicity
Student Appeals of Evaluation, Grading and Academic Standing
Student Discipline
Students with Disabilities: Academic Accommodation and Access
Waiver of Tuition Fees for Senior Citizens

Academic Affairs

Academic and Curricular Nomenclature
Academic Courses Policy on Class Delivery, Examinations, and Assessment of Student Learning
Articulation and Transfer Credit Policy
Chairs and Professorships
English Proficiency Policy
International Travel Risk Management for Student Mobility
Medical Faculty Policy
Policy on Admission to Degree Programs

Research and Scholarly Activities

Institutional Costs of Research Procedures
Eligibility to Apply for, Hold and Administer Research Funding Procedures
Eligibility to Apply for, Hold and Administer Research Funding
Research Administration Procedures
Research Administration
Administration of Research Overheads
Care and Use of Animals in Research
Human Research Ethics Policy
Institutional Costs of Research
Postdoctoral Fellows
Responsible Conduct of Research Policy
Research Publications